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Andey Fellowes – Spiritual Teacher

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A Spiritual Teacher For The Modern Era – Spiritual Teacher, YouTuber & Blogger.

Andey Fellowes


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7 years ago

Andey Fellowes :)

The warm and encouraging energy in which Andey encompasses during interaction is of purely condusive quality.The delivery is pleasantly comforting and relatable. This provoked an ideal space for further exploration , whilst also aiding greatly to the comprehension and integration of valid material for me, I've found. I purchased a Birth Rune casting with Andey that was wonderfully insightful and has inspired more processing along my journey. The content was solid ,highlighting areas of great importance , as well as offering support of my own intuitive notions. All of which allowed me to de-clutter ; mind, body, life ,leaving me to focus more purposefully .The balance of psychology and spiritually based knowledge that he offers proved superbly beneficial. Since our first greetings a year ago (2014), there has remained a consistently open line of communication . That being accredited to Andey's dedicated availability, and passion for service.I feel blessed to have been provided with Andey's guidance and understanding .My life's experience has been enhanced as has the awareness expanded , along with the Andey, Ive been able to connect weekly with other like-minds. Attending Sastang to join in and connect with others in the spiritual community via Skype ,for me is substantially satisfying. Completely worthwhile, for anyone intrigued , I recommend and invite you to come share the space ! Contact Andey Fellowes for any, or ALL of the delightful services he offers. Again, Andey .. Thank you soo much Your grateful friend Kelly B :)
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