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Ananda SuperFoods offer arange of organic & vegan Ayurvedic food products with literature to educate our customers. Designed in collaboration with a leading Ayurvedic practitioner and Doctor these products restore and maintain balance for health & happiness.

All our products are available for Vata, Pitta and Kapha mind-body types and you can discover your type from an online questionnaire at

The current range is SuperFoods powders and nutritional bars.

In 2019 we will be laughing more organic products including FlapJacks, Spreads, instant porridge and more.

The Organic SuperFood powders are:

Vata with cinnamon and nine herbs including Brahmi and Ashwaghanda. The mix taste great, is sweet and helps balance Vata straight away and settle a busy mind, in drinks or is porridge.

Pitta with Fennel and eight herbs including Manjistha and Amla (gooseberry). The mix is also sweet and helps to cool the body and focus the mind, which balances Pitta.

Kapha with ginger and basil with 6 herbs including long pepper and Arjuna which is good for the heart and lungs. An energising savoury spice mix which balances Kapha.

The SuperFood powder are £22.99 for 250g for Vata and Pitta and 150g for Kapha.

The Organic Nutritional Bars 45g & vegan

Vata with cinnamon and almond. A delicious bar for anyone on the move, with all six testes including a little salt which is good for Vata. Another rich and varied range of tastes with Dates, Almonds and Sunflower seeds.

Pitta with fennel and coconut. A cooling bar with sultanas, raising and sunflower seeds.

Kapha with ginger and lemon and savoury bar with a spicy mix including sunflower seed butter and apple juice.

The bars are 45g and £1.99

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