Alison Heather Sutton

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I help people to find peace of mind with whatever problem or issue they are currently focusing on and a route to find the natural, authentic, effortless, spontaneous self that might currently seem hidden under pressure, stress and emotional difficulties.

Emotional resilience in the true sense of the word means life still happens but we get less affected by it and find inner resources that support us and help us to see things differently.

Results of transformative coaching are:

See things more clearly – better decision making

Take events less personally – less stress and anxiety

Deeper inner connection to self – less neediness

Light heartedness and more joy – enjoy life more

Inner peace – unshakeable resilience

Improved performance – better results

Developing a life compass – learn to listen to your intuition and inner guidance

An invitation to uncover your true nature and connect with your inner wisdom


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Alison Health Sutton
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