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The Alchemy of Man

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Alchemy of Man is about you.

You, now, in this very moment with all your stories, ideas, habits, delusions and talents as a man.

It’s about your mental, emotional and psychosomatic relationship to core masculinity.

It’s about your inner mechanics, your internal energy system, your hormones, your cock, your muscles, bones, tendons, blood, cum, sweat and tears.

It’s about your deepest inner sexual wisdom, your genius, your true instinctual, erotic and potent virility.

It’s also about your inner destiny, your greatest offerings to the world and your essential, natural qualities as a man in his totality.

Alchemy of Man is not another protocol of how you ‘should’ live your life, creating another set of belief systems and performance criteria to abide by.

Instead, it will expose the underlying principles that are moving you in the first place and put you back in the drivers seat of your life.

Sol Sebastian


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Sol SabastianTheAlchemyOfMan
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