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Who do I work with?

You’re here because you are sick and tired of dieting.

You’re fed up with endless plans, cleanses, diets – all of them promising miracles but in the end delivering very little.

You’re fed up with not knowing how to feed yourself.

You’re exhausted just thinking about what is the RIGHT thing to eat?

You’ve lost trust in your body.

Your self worth is low.

You judge yourself based on the food choices you make – whether you were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on any different day.

You’re obsessed with food

You just want to eat like a normal person. Am I right?!

I thought so – and I can help.

I work with people who are ready to break the diet cycle, once and for all. They know that there HAS to be a different way, and they are ready to find it.

I have three ways of working with people who are ready to make a final, lasting change – one that sees them eating happily, and healthfully, for good, forever more.

1.       Embrace – Be happy in your weight, your body and YOURSELF – without going on a diet ever again.

Embrace is a 6 month 1:1 coaching package taking you from exhausted diet groupie, constantly on the search for weight loss, hoping that this time this diet will work for good to happy, healthy and free.

FREE – free from endless diets, obsession over food choices and exhaustion overwhelm to EMBRACING life at your happy weight in your happy body – FOR GOOD. 

With loving guidance, over six months:

You’ll be able to transform from exhausted and overwhelmed, constantly dieting and getting nowhere, burned out and not knowing what to eat to FREE – Embracing life at your happy weight in your happy body – FOR GOOD!

No more diets. No more ‘bad’ foods. No more ‘cheat days’ or getting ‘back on the bandwagon’. You’ll be able to eat exactly what you want to eat, whenever you want to eat it- no overthinking, logging or tracking required. How liberating
does that sound?!

Together, we explore intuitive eating, and simple and easy to maintain nutrition – for life.

We work on confidence – and explore why loving yourself exactly as you are is KEY to making the shift to where you want to be.

We figure out what you ACTUALLY want – what makes you happy, brings you joy? Something which is often lost when we give ourselves over to dieting and food, and believe that the key to making us happy lies on the scales.

We transform with radical self care. We explore mindset, motivation and putting OURSELVES first – and all of the benefits which that can bring. 


2.     Reset your relationship with food for good. Want to eat the breakfast you want, enjoy it and then move on with your day, forgetting about food til lunchtime? I got you.

Reset is my signature 90 day 1:1 coaching program designed to break you out of that endless diet cycle and reset the way you think about food and your body.

Because let’s be honest – you don’t really want to be thinking about either AT ALL – do you?

Ninety days from now, This will be you.

No more diets. No more ‘syns’, ‘points’, ‘healthy extras’ or calorie counting. Just real food – what you want, when you want it.

I’ll guide you carefully through the process of ditching diet mentality, honoring YOUR hunger (not when a plan tells you that you SHOULD be hungry), making peace with food, learning how to feel fullness and satisfaction, and nourish yourself

3.       Not sure if you are ready to give up dieting, and your weight loss dreams? My Cycle-breaker power hour is for you.

You’ll take a moment to figure out if there might possibly be another way to do things?

After all – all those other diets haven’t worked, or you wouldn’t be about to start this new one.

You owe it to yourself to just explore at least, another option.

Together, we’ll explore your motivation for dieting; we’ll take a look back at what you have tried in the past and why this hasn’t worked out for you, and we’ll explore alternative options to get you to where it is that you really want to be – whether that’s to do with food, your body or something else, I am here for YOU.  

Here Bex Brame talk about diet cycles here:


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