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Increase Exposure and Drive Bookings

Your Premium Experts Profile puts your business in front of the millions of wellness seekers searching the internet each month. It increases your exposure and puts them one click away from buying. If you want to know how, read on…

Usually £40 per month. Save £10 per month and upgrade today

Drive Sales And Bookings

Your Premium Experts Profile allows you to add a “buy now” button to your page, putting potential clients one click away from buying. This reduces clicks and increases the potential of purchase.


Stand Out From The Competition…

With your Premium Experts Profile you will stand out from the crowd in 3 ways. Your listing will be:

  • Showcased in the top 10 of your chosen category
  • Highlighted as “featured” to make you stand out
  • Emphasised with a surrounding border for extra impact

Spotlight your best features

First impressions count and picture says a 1000 words! With the Premium Expert Profile you get to create a stunning photo slideshow, highlighting your best features and capturing the attention of wellness seekers. Encourage your page visitors to linger longer on your page and buy with this option.


3×3 Increased Level Of Profile

The Premium Experts profile now allows you list your business under three category headings, whereas the free listing allows just one. This increases your chance of your listing being seen 3:1.  

Also, the Premium Expert Package allows you to list a total of 3 products or services as additional listings, so if you have extra products or services, you can also list them with all of the benefits offered on this page!


Get More Exposure

Each month we direct our newsletter subscribers to Premium Expert’s launches and special offers. This puts you in the eye-line of extra potential clients, increases your page views and, if you get the offer right, lands you those extra customers


Go The Extra Mile

Premium Experts Profile allows you to go the extra mile. Incentivise your page viewers to act by adding a customised announcement, incentive, special offer, package deals or product discounts to capture the interest and attention of wellness seekers exploring your product or service type.

How it works

Step 1: Click the green ‘Check our package rates’ button on this page

Ready to take the first step toward generating more direct bookings? Click on the “Check our package rates” button to get started!

Step 2: Click ‘Pay Now’ on the membership options screen

It only takes a few minutes to set up a Wellness Listing for your product, service or event. Click ‘Pay Now’ at the bottom of the Premium Experts info box.

Step 3: Click ‘Join US’ and fill in the form.

You’ll start by adding your business contact details, which will enable all the wellness seekers of TotalWellness.Club to connect with you directly.

Step 4: Click ‘Join US’ at the bottom of the page and complete your first listing!

Once your Wellness Listing has been created, email us immediately to post a Special Offer! These help your business generate more exposure on TotalWellness.Club search results and pages – and with your contact information posted at the top of your profile, that means more wellness seekers booking directly with you.



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