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absolute healthAbsolute Health on Total Wellness ClubAbsolute Health are a gym in Bristol. Close to the City centre, this gym is ideal for the busy professional who wants to optimise health and performance. At the Absolute Health gym you’ll find the help you need to for weight loss, injury and marathon training. Absolute Health also like to think they are different from what you may have previously experienced.

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Balance lifestyle and fitness is all about combining healthy living with personal training, coaching...

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Balance lifestyle and fitness is all about combining healthy living with personal training, coaching and mentoring. Everyone can get fitter and improve their quality of life.

Here are seven pointers if you are looking to find a gym in Bath:

  1. Consider the gym location. Do you want the gym to be close to your home or office? i.e. are you working out on the way to or from work or in a lunch-break.
  2. Do the gym opening hours to suit your specific needs?
  3. What kind of gym membership are you looking for?
  4. Are you looking for a pay as you go gym, a low cost gym, or are you looking for something that’s a bit more elite, like a gym at a Country Club or a gym for professionals?
  5. Do you want a personal trainer and can they offer you that service?
  6. You may want to look around more than one gym in the Bath area before deciding.
  7. Questions you might like to ask yourself are: do the machines look serviced? Does the gym look cared for? Do the changing rooms meet the standard you are looking for? Have they got the equipment you want to use? How do the staff interact with customers? Are they attentive? Will your questions get answered? What do the gyms members say about the gym? Click the links below and find out how other gym users rated and reviewed the Bath gym you are considering.

Bath is relatively small city with a population of approximately 85,000 people. A gym will help you if your goal is weight-loss, but you will also want to find a nutritionist in Bath area who can help you with your fitness goals. An alternative could be to find a personal trainer. If you do decide to find a gym in Bath use the above guidelines to help you make your decision.