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Exploring The Secrets For Living a Healthy Life

If the 21st century is about anything its about choice. When it comes to health we’re no longer restricted to the doctors advice, the local gym or what a publisher deems marketable. Today, we can find pretty much anything we want, but this present us with another problem when it comes to living a healthy life…

Neil & Jo Fellowes - Secrets to living a healthy life The problem we now face is volume of information. Much of the information about health is contradictory; some involves hype from marketers. With no easy way to transparently see what really works it would be easy to give up or not even start. But, TotalWellnessClub have developed a way for you to play a heroic part in the natural health and well-being of others… and have them do the same for you!

This means we can now all help change, improve, transform or even save the life of another!

Here’s how it works…

The fact is: people trust people. By working together as a community it means you can now transparently learn about a product, service or professional who has helped others get healthy and fit and stay that way. You can also share what works for you too! This means everyone can make more informed choices. It also saves everyone time, pain and money.

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How To Live A Healthy Life. Getting Started…

TotalWellnessClub is the creation of Neil and Jo Fellowes. The couple are passionate defenders of natural health. The believe in the natural intelligence of the body. TotalWellnessClub helps people narrow down everything that’s available to the specific, personal and useful. 

Neil’s struggle to live a healthy life parallels the plight of many other people, maybe even you…

Back pain alone can change your life. It changes how you walk and what you are capable of doing. Add knee pain and mobility becomes a problem.

When in pain, comfort eating can feel pretty good. The problem for Neil was that it caused him to gain weight to the point of obesity.

Many people struggle with this. You get one illness, ailment or pain and suddenly your immune systems goes down, or your capability reduces and then your health can begin to tumble like a pack of cards.Neil Fellowes - Secrets to Living a Healthy Life

Neil says, ‘I was obese. I was in pain. I got depressed. I started getting nose bleeds for no apparent reason. I lost sleep most nights and every cold and flu bug seemed to pass via me. I had to change something, but I didn’t know what or where to start.’

And that’s where a lot of people are… when their body breaks down and is weak, they just don’t know how to reverse the negative trend and turn back towards a healthy life.

‘I began trying different things… lots of different things in fact. Some things worked. Some worked less. Some didn’t help at all.’

During this journey into health and wellbeing Neil lost almost half his body weight. He developed more strength than ever before. He removed the knee and back problem and discovered he had an allergy that resulted in night-time nose bleeds. His immune system is now better than ever.

What Stops You Living A Healthy Life?

Let’s get to the root of it…

When it comes to living a healthy life: what stops you from being well?

If you believed that wellness could be a natural state, how might your life change?

In truth there are many things that can get in the way of living a healthy life, such as:

  • Time to understand it all
  • The wrong diet for you
  • Lack of exercise – or finding the right exercise for you
  • Mind-set – what you believe is possible or true
  • Confusion – where to start and what to do first
  • False advertising
  • What a doctor told you

Neil says, ‘When I had back and knee pain, it was put to me that it was wear and tear and would never get better. Part of me accepted that, but another part of me just couldn’t. I was in my late 20’s. I was too young to just accept that. Then someone suggested to me that good health is a natural state. That suggestion changed everything…

‘It got me thinking, what if… how… where can I learn more. It opened me up to the possibilities I hadn’t explored and information I didn’t know.’

Are All Health Issues Made Equal? 

Neil says, ‘When I was in India I explored Ayurveda. This was the first time I considered that maybe we are all made a little differently. If that’s true then perhaps the latest “breakthrough in dieting” won’t be good for everyone. And maybe there is no one type of exercise that everyone should do either. Maybe medical advice isn’t always right. Perhaps herbs are better sometimes…

‘We are all different shapes and sizes. If we can see that then maybe we’re all a bit different – like with DNA. If that’s the case then a food that casues one person to lose weight could cause another to gain weight. What might feel good for one person could inflame a condition like arthritis in another.

‘So, if that’s the case, maybe we need to explore what feels good for us in diet, exercise and wellness as individuals, but with products, services and professionals that others have found to be helpful.’

Neil has left behind his health issues and today he’s a leading learner. He loves to explore health, fitness and wellbeing. He shares what he learns on his YouTube video channel. It’s a channel dedicated to exploring what helps people get healthy and fit and stay healthy and fit. You can subscribe to his channel and follow along. He enjoys putting health and fitness experts in the hot seat, reviewing products and services as well as diets and fitness challenges.

Understanding How to Live A Healthy Life…

Neil will tell you he owes most of his recovery from his health issues to his wife, Jo.

‘Jo is a phenomenal researcher,’ Neil says. ‘She would always come up with possible solutions – a book, an audio, an article or professional help.’

Part of the couple’s immersion into health, fitness and well-being involved running over 120 live events in the wellness industry. Through their other business 7 Figure Back Office, they have worked with many top personal development, wellness and mind body and spirit professionals. Online they have helped run over 100 webinars and summits.

‘Our passion for helping people improve their life is what led us to set up Total Wellness Club,’ says Jo.

‘There are a lot of people suffering from symptoms they probably don’t need to suffer from. Total Wellness Club is a place where you can now find rating and reviews on products and services as well as helpful information through articles and ideas. If people like what they read they can click the link at the bottom of an article and then explore a related product or service and read reviews.’

Total Wellness Club provides a great way for you to objectively see what other think about a product or service before you leap in. It helps you build understanding and trust before buying. In other circumstances TotalWellness.Club can also offer you great savings (up to 80% off) on well-being, fitness and health, products and services through the TotalWellness.Club Club Specials.  

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