About Us


Total Wellness Club help solve the problem of preventable ill-health.

People around the world are becoming aware that their health is their greatest asset.

People are starting to move towards prevention and natural solutions.

We know in the near future medical doctors and pharmaceuticals will no longer be the go-to. Just as food standards within superstores have been transformed as awareness and demand continues to shift, so will wellness programs be part of the work culture or employees will refuse to work there. We want to live in a world where trends in obesity, cancer, diabetes are reversed and where joint replacement and transplant operations fall.

But we don’t want to wait.

Our role is to help people understand what is available to them so they can make the shift faster. And you are a part of this shift.

Together, we can make this happen more quickly.

We’d love for you to join us.

Making consistent progress

Total Wellness Club also offer you Questly – 10 healthy quests to help you get in, and stay in, the best shape of your life. Questly will help you define and refine the daily habits, rhythms, rituals and regimes that lead to consistent long-term good health.

Questly also operates a concierge service, helping you find the answers when you are unsure.

Saving you money

Good health doesn’t have to be expensive. We look out for the best deals available and offer them to you in our newsletters, saving you time looking for deals and reducing your investment in being well. Our newsletters also give you the latest wellness information in a concise format you can read in under 30 seconds, allowing you to discard what you don’t need and hone in on what you most want.

The founding principles

Neil & Jo Fellowes - Secrets to living a healthy life

The Total Wellness Club founders are well-being entrepreneurs, Neil Fellowes and his wife Jo Fellowes.

Neil’s struggle to live a healthy life parallels the plight of many other people…

The doctor told him the aches and pains in had in his knees and back were just wear and tear. He was told to take pain killers and expect it to get worse over time. He was also told that weight-gain was just part of getting older. He also suffered from nose bleeds and a leaky gut.

Pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants and generally becoming less activity had a domino effect on his immune system.

Neil says, “I went from size small to XXL in 5 years and I began to picture a future in a wheel chair. This was long before I questioned if what I was told to expect was true. I think I was close to 21 stone when I asked how much more weight gain was normal to expect as you aged!”

Almost two decades on, Neil is in great health, 11st 8lbs and regularly running 10k. He claims there was a lot of trial and error at the beginning, but a good diet, regular exercise all helped. He says that a simple allergy test stopped his nose bleeds.

Jo’s health suffered because she took on too much. When her arm broke out in hives she knew she had to do something different. A great researcher, with a huge interest in health Jo found a way to combine her interests and reduce her client load by creating the systems that now run Total Wellness Club.

Neil will tell you it’s Jo’s research that helped him improve his health.